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Wikis - simply the best way to work collaboratively online.


Avaaz - Social Networks

Uses a variety of social networks to mobilize support and fundraising for climate change, human rights and peace campaigns. Mobilized sufficient public pressure to (help) shift positions of US and Canadian governments during Bali conference.


LinkedIN - Arguably a good way to reach out to the business community, to get for-profit professionals engaged with your mission.


Ning - Create your own social network for free.  Good for building communities around a specific topic--more focused than Facebook, et. al.  Useful for maintaining relationships with people you met at a conference, and for continuing to explore the ideas/threads that were discussed there.  An example is the Urban Enthusiast Network created by CEOs for Cities.  Attendees of the Urban Next Summit held in New Orleans (July 24-25, 2008) were invited to join the group.  Another good example of a nonprofit using Ning to further their mission is the Connecticut Technology Council.  Their Ning group, Connecticut Technology Community, is an online networking tool for local tech professionals.  


Delicious - Netsquared discusses Tagging and Social Bookmarking for Nonprofits

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